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20 ks, Västgötabengtsson, sleeping junkies and running past peeing girls.

I started this week with a 20 k run and I took off in a comfortable pace and the only aspect of my running that I was concerned with was that I wanted to keep my steps short. This is thanks to tips from Rick.  I know the secretbehind becoming a good long distance runner is more than just run with a short and quick stride but I still haven’t had time to go thru all the films and litterature on the subject. But I will, I promise and thanks a lot Rick!

I had downloaded a podcats from swedish radio about the dialects from the province that I come from, Westrogothia. The show was made 1979 (I think) by a local dialect expert called Västgöta-Bengtsson and it consisted of recordings that he made as early as 1947 with people born in the mid 19th century. He started the show with talking about how much the technical revolution has changed the world. And to listen to a man pre the internet, cellphone era talk about how difficult it was for older people to understand the concept of recording voices in a portable machine and later listen to the same voice, really set things in perspective.

Even though they spoke in my  dialect I had a hard time to understand everything they said but I understood that they talked about an old blacksmith that used to put shoes on oxes, since no one could afford a horse in the village that they grew up in. The difference between shoeing an ox and a horse was that you needed 8 shoes for an ox instead of 4 for a horse.

While I was listening to the show I was passed by a runner who ran slightly faster than me. I watched his stride and compared it to mine and I was really glad to see that he used a much more powerful and energy draining stride and I was still able to almost keep up with him. A couple of minutes I started to gain on him without any effort and after two ks I passed him, still running with a much more energy saving stride.

After the show about dialects I listened to an other historical show from swedish radio; one of the subjects was about the mediveal Ingvar Kamprad or Bill Gates, the richest man in swedish history, Bo Jonsson Grip. The thing that made most impression on me in the show was that the historician that was interviewed talked about that Bo Jonsson Grip has been painted as an all together evil person, and that tha is not the whole truth. And after that he told a story about how Grips first wife died in childbirth and how Grip had her gutted to get the baby boy out alive just so the boy could inherit over 100 farms from the dead mother. Just hours or a day later the poor baby died and Bo Jonsson Grip could inherit the farms (if the baby hadn’t been alive at birth the properties would have been returned to his wifes family.

The second part of the show was about Carin Göring, Herman Görings wife, or actually it was about the mystery regarding her remainings. Then Carin died she was first buried in her family grave in Sweden but Herman Göring later dug up her body and took it to a mausoleum in his estate, Karinhall, outside Berlin. At the ending of the war Göring destroyed Karinhall because he didn’t want the russians to get their hands on it. But he saved the mausoleum so the russians plundered the  grave (the corpse wore a lot of jewlery) and soldiers desectrated the body. For example it is known that they played football with Carins head. Later the remainings were found, and she was cremated and buried in Sweden again. The story could end here, but years later someone found a wooden coffin with a corpse in it where Karinhall was placed. The DNA analysis showed that this was a close relative to Carins brother and that the corpse was from a “not that old woman”. So now there is two dead Carin Göring.

As I listened to this i passed the lake Trekanten, and now with the spring in full bloom the benches around the strand were filled with bums drinking beer and one or two junkies sleeping in awkvard positions. This made me change my mind about going to this lake to try to catch some fish later this spring. Sharing the lake with the cast of a modern version of Les Miserables isn’t the same as fishing in a calm nature.

Then I had finished listening to the radioshows, my mind wandered off to think about something I said first as a drunken joke to David january 2008; “2009 is gonna be my year!” and then this year started I wrote a text message to my friend Pontus “already a year ago I said that 2009 is gonna be my year and you’re hereby included” and after a slow start there has been signs that my prophecy might become true.

After a little more than half the run I saw a couple in the woods 20 meters from the path, since one of them was squating in a strange position my reflex was to stare at them as I passed, just to relize that the couple was two runner who had made an emergency stop. And I found myself staring at a girl in runners clothing who was peeing. I qucikly turned my head away and made it even more obvious that I had been looking at her.

15 minutes later I met a group of jogging girls, all of them a little round in their edges if you know what I mean. And they were all dressed in T-shirts with the print “Military Training” on their chests. I couldn’t help thinking that if this was the swedish military we might as well tell the russians or US or Poland or San Marino: “you are welcome to invade this country if you want to”. Now I googled “Military Training” and found this site. By what I saw I wouldn’t use words like “the toughest training you ever experienced” rather “if you want to go jogging in a slow pace with other plump girls join us”.

Since the whole purpose by the run was to take it easy I was very satisfied that I could hold a pace sub 5 minutes/km for the whole run without getting tired at all. This despite all the hills and the pollen allergy. The hardest part was actually trying not to speed up.

Soundtrack of my run:

Bedsitter – Soft Cell

Västgöta-Bengtsson – Sveriges Radio

VR Historia – Sveriges Radio

Art Rules – Chicks on Speed

Busy Doing Nothing – Love Is All

This Month, Day 10- Cansei De Ser Sexy Cansei De Ser Sexy

Memorabilia- Soft Cell

Predict The Day- Ladytron

You Take My Breath Away- Knife

Kyberneticka Babicka Pt. 1 – Stereolab

Come Live with Me- Heaven 17

Me Plus One- Annie

Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Edition)-Death From Above 1979

Ladykillers -Lush

Love Life – Chicks On Speed

Soon- My Bloody Valentine