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20 ks in almost sub 90 min

Friday early night I went out for a 20 k run. Just before the work out I read that I wouldn’t be allowed to use my marathon time from last year to qualify for next years Boston Marathon since qualifying times must be made after september 2008 and my time was from august 2008. So I need to make the marathon sub 3.20 once again if I want to run the classic in Boston.

And since I’ve not trained as good this summer as I did last year I’m not very optimistic about doing  that. This was what occupied my mind most of the work out. I felt pretty easy adn quick and decided to go for a quick run. And soon I was running in 4.30 min/km pace and it felt almost effortless so I decided to try to keep up the pace for as long as I could. First I aimed for a time around 1 hour 35 minutes for the 20 k run which should have been a pretty good time.

After around 15 minutes with music I started to listen to a podcast of the traditional swedish summer show “Sommar” hosted by the famous swedish chef Mathias Dahlgren. He talked about creativity and the importance of good products when you cook. And that you should think more about what you buy and that instead of chasing cheap food you should buy stuff of high quality and take care of everything instead of throwing things away. I totally agree with Mathias and wanted to visit one of his restaurants. It was two years ago since I last ate at Matbaren and I can only say that even though it’s expensive it’s worth every single krona. But his talk about paying for quality made me also think about another restaurant visit on one of the other Michelin awarded restaurants in Stockholm. I ate a fantastic dinner that cost around 2000 kronor (200 euros) per person and I can easily say that it was worth it because it was an experience of perfection. except for one thing, me and my friend was billed 15 euros for ordinary mineral water. I’m willing to pay for qualty both in service and ingredients but water for a dinner could never be worth that much.

Midway thru the podcast I arrived at the lake Trekanten there the few bums and junkies from the early winter in the summer warmth was grown into three times more bums. One of them took a big gulp of his warm beer and burped in my face as I met him. The smell of stale beer mixed with bad breath made me stop thinking about the beers I put in my fridge before i went out. 20 minutes later I met an alcoholic couple on disability scooters and I couldn’t help but think how much all the damages from alcohol drinking cost the society.

With only six ks left I felt really good and could keep up the good pace even though the last five ks are the hardest with a lot of steep hills mainly upwards. And I could even sprint with a smile on my face the very last k and almost broke the sub 90 mark. During the last 20 minutes I started to feel confident in my running and thought that I might be able to run sub 3.20 on the marathon in a month.