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Sing along running

The last months I haven’t ran as much as I had planned. And this week isn’t any better. Tuesday was the third consecutive day with a short run; aprox 8,5 ks. Since I biked from my work I was pretty warmed up and tried to run in a quick pace. I started my imapmyrun on my iPhone and took off. Everytime I start the app it has problem with finding satellites so in the beginning it tells me that I ran with a 12 min/km pace. I didn’t have much time to run since I hade a date at my pub with my friend stefan one hour after I took off so I really had to keep up a good pace throughout the whole work out which wasn’t that easy. After 2 ks my iPhone showed that I was running in a 4,30 pAce and I could hardly keep this pace. This made it obvious that I miss the hill and interval training. Even if this was the third work out in three days it shouldn’t be at all dificult to keep a quick pace. But at least I passed a couple of runners.
During the run I had a couple of sing along moments that helped me keep up a good spirit. First My Love Is a Flower About to Bloom with Jonathan Richmann. Finally, yeara after I lost my record with that song istore uploaded it so I could buy it. It is One of my fav songs with Jonathan and the song that made me discover him. The second song was Johnnie with the Swedish singer Kal P Dal that includes the line: “I know The Fox, The Thunder and Buffalo Bill. I also had Not Fair with Lily Allen on my playlist and listening to that song on my iPhone made it clear how dirty the lyrics are, not that that is a bad thing. But sing along to it loud with my earplugs in makes not only me but the people I pass smile.

Soundtrack of the run

Art Rules      Chicks on Speed
So Human      Lady Sovereign
No más Myolastan       La Casa Azul
Nonstop Nonstop Nonstop      Jeans Team
My Love Is a Flower (Just Beginning to Bloom)    Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
Not Fair        Lily Allen
Jonnie       Kal P. Dal
Letters From a Voyage to Sweden       Cats On Fire
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now       The Smiths
I’m Not Scared    Ladytron
Pop the glock        Uffie
Paper Planes       M.I.A.