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20 ks in 1 hour 32 minutes and shady people

The inspiration from the article about how Da Costa trained to run the marathon in  2.06 was still with me then I got out for the long run on sunday. So I was decided to try to run with a high tempo. As usual I had prepared for my long run with loading my iPod with a couple of podcasts and some music. Unfortunally I forgot to charge the battery so after just two songs the iPod was silent.

I tried to put it away in the center back pocket in my tights while running, with the only result that it looked as if I was searching for something in my crack. I gave up and thought it would be easier to put it away if I stood still – the result people looked at me as if they were wondering why that runner was standing still and searching for something between his asscheeks. After 10 seconds of fibling arund with the earphonechord I finaly had the iPod and the earphones in my pocket and was able to continue. But now with an annoying bulge on my lower back. I’m not so sure how the designers of this tights were thinking then they put the pocket there they did.

Instead of letting my mind be occupied by listening to a podcast or music all I could think of now was the running. First my legs didn’t feel that good at all and I had to force myself to keep up a nice pace. But after 6-7 ks it felt easier and I could actually gain speed without any effort at all.

At the lake Trekanten I saw a couple of of guys with fishing rods and I was thinking that this spring or summer I have to come here to try and catch some fish myself and maybe bring some hot chocolate and sandwiches.

I guess that the pace on the flat was just slightly over 4,30 making me fantasize about beeing able to run the marathon at 3 hours, which I think is just whishful thinking. To beat my PB with a couple minutes – definitly. But to beat it with 20 minutes I guess is impossible.

At my way home then I came to the old industry area around Liljeholmsstranden I saw an old rusty Volvo with different colours on the doors stop and two guys in trainers and baseball hats stepped out of the car, brought their Dobberman dog and walked towards the area with semideserted buildings. This made my mind spin as I was trying to find a reason for these two men to be here in a sunday evening. The onlu conclusion I could get was that they must be into some shady bussiness. But at the same time they could have been wondering why a guy in tights and bright coloured T-shirt was breathing that heavy in this odd place.

The last 6 ks are quite hilly but I had no problem with keeping up with the good pace, well after the last and steepest my legs were a little powerless but I recovered in half a minute and had a good speed on the streets back home there I met a guy carrying a take away pizza. This made me long for a Kebab Pizza and the last minutes of running I tried to decide wether to run home and get some money to buy a pizza or cook some spaghetti to have with the left over tomato sauce from the day before. The spaghetti won a hard battle and I could stop my watch at the time of 1.32.40 making the avarage pace 4,38 min/km.

Soundtrack of the run:

Itchy Chin – Heavenly

Whammy – B52’s

(Low on battery)


A nibbling dog and old people blocking the way

The last days I’ve felt slightly off, due to easter partying, pollen allerghia and soar throat. So I havn’t run in a couple of days. Last run was this friday then I ran in shorts for the first time this year and I wanted to make a couple of quick ks on a 400 m track. But I couldn’t get sub 4 min and after 3 tries I was exhausted.

Yesterday I didn’t feel at all in the mood for running but as soon I hit the street with my Asics a smile apeared on my face. It could have been the joy from the happy-go-lucky tunes from La Casa Azul that made me feel good but I think that running was a bigger factor. I took off in a fairly good speed and as I came to the walk at the shore of Södermalm I ran with a good and powerful stride. And this day I wasn’t at all alone, it seemed that everybody in the neighbourhood had bought new running gear and was out.

As I passed slower runners I got an urge to give them a little slap on their behinds just to see the shocking expression on their face. Of course I could control myself but the thought made me smile a little more.

It’s pretty fun how I react on different artist then I’m running for example everytime I listen to Morrissey my right hand wants to make flamboyant gestures making me look like I’m having some nerv desease.

After half the run I passed a couple with a dog with this retractable leash. They didn’t have the best control of the dog that looked like a young and playful one. As a doglover I saw that the dog only wanted to play and say hello when he aproached me and tried to nibble a little on thigh as I passed them. My first thought was: “what a charming little terrier I whish I could have stayed and played with him” but then I started to feel anger because the owners had so bad control of the dog and I know there is a lot of people around that suffers from dog phobia and if the dog makes this kind of outburst towards somebody who can’t see that the dog just wanna play they could be really scared. And one sad thing is that dog owners who don’t control their animals always have these retractable leashes so that their dogs can play without running away, but it’s useless when they take the dog for a walk among other people.

50 meters after the dog the narrow track was blocked by a large group 15-20 older people who was walking really slow in pairs making it impossible to pass them. And I guess all of them suffered from reduced hearing because for every pair I tried to pass I had to say “excuse me please” without the next pair noticing anything. 25 minutes later then I met them on a broader road they were walking four by four so that they still were blocking the way for anybody who wanted to pass.

The run was pretty mixed with everything from flat ks on asphalt and cobblestone to hilly ks on gravel and even some wooden stairs. But in spite of this I could keep the good pace (4,47 min/km) for the total 12 ks.

Soundtrack of my run (as choosen but iTunes DJ)

Quiero Vivir En La Ciudad   –   La Casa Azul
I’m Not Scared   –    Ladytron
Suedehead    – Morrissey
Torch    –   Marc Almond
En rikedom av sandkorn    –   Bob Hund
Choosey Susie –    The Stranglers
Do It All Night  –   Prince
We Swim   –    Islands
Who Wants the World?  –    Stranglers
Be My Boyfriend  –   Tender Trap
Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken  –    Camera Obscura
Galletas –   La Casa Azul
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now  –   The Smiths
Tears of a Clown  –    Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Flugufrelsarinn    –    Sigur Rós

Welcome to The Mind of a Long Distance Runner

This is a blog there you will be able to follow my training in all aspects: the results, what music I’m listening to during the runs and all the strange thoughts that pops up at the long hours on the road.

The idea came to me yesterday  during a run, what else? 10 k plus 2 k warm up and down run. I started the run with listening to some podradio and learned that  Darwin ate his greens and read the bible at his time in Cambridge. He actually had to pay extra for the greens, Beer and meat was included in the fee he payed to the landlord.

I also listened to some old ladys from the village Gammalsvenskby in Ukraine. They  still speak an old type of swedish and talked about the difficulties they (as an unwanted group) faced during the Stalin era. A lot of their relatives died in the prison camps, and after they were released a lot of them still died from starvation. For a long period of years they had to eat the grass just to fill up thier stomaches with some substance.

To hear about their hard times actually made it a little easier to push myself. It’s hard to complain about the cold and acheing legs then you listen to tesimonials from the victims of Stalin.

The last k I stepped up the pace and run on 4.10. The soundtrack to that run was an uptempo song by the spanish band Casa Azul.