Sing along running

The last months I haven’t ran as much as I had planned. And this week isn’t any better. Tuesday was the third consecutive day with a short run; aprox 8,5 ks. Since I biked from my work I was pretty warmed up and tried to run in a quick pace. I started my imapmyrun on my iPhone and took off. Everytime I start the app it has problem with finding satellites so in the beginning it tells me that I ran with a 12 min/km pace. I didn’t have much time to run since I hade a date at my pub with my friend stefan one hour after I took off so I really had to keep up a good pace throughout the whole work out which wasn’t that easy. After 2 ks my iPhone showed that I was running in a 4,30 pAce and I could hardly keep this pace. This made it obvious that I miss the hill and interval training. Even if this was the third work out in three days it shouldn’t be at all dificult to keep a quick pace. But at least I passed a couple of runners.
During the run I had a couple of sing along moments that helped me keep up a good spirit. First My Love Is a Flower About to Bloom with Jonathan Richmann. Finally, yeara after I lost my record with that song istore uploaded it so I could buy it. It is One of my fav songs with Jonathan and the song that made me discover him. The second song was Johnnie with the Swedish singer Kal P Dal that includes the line: “I know The Fox, The Thunder and Buffalo Bill. I also had Not Fair with Lily Allen on my playlist and listening to that song on my iPhone made it clear how dirty the lyrics are, not that that is a bad thing. But sing along to it loud with my earplugs in makes not only me but the people I pass smile.

Soundtrack of the run

Art Rules      Chicks on Speed
So Human      Lady Sovereign
No más Myolastan       La Casa Azul
Nonstop Nonstop Nonstop      Jeans Team
My Love Is a Flower (Just Beginning to Bloom)    Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
Not Fair        Lily Allen
Jonnie       Kal P. Dal
Letters From a Voyage to Sweden       Cats On Fire
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now       The Smiths
I’m Not Scared    Ladytron
Pop the glock        Uffie
Paper Planes       M.I.A.


One response to “Sing along running

  1. Hey there,

    I love Lily Allen, I actually wrote something about her on my blog Not Sure… I hope u read it, here is a link

    I love ur blog BTW! good luck!

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