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Running in Frascati with a hangover

A run in a park in Frascati with a hangover

Today I took a run in the beautiful city Frascati, 30 minutes with train from Rome. I had found a nice but small park then I took a walk in the city earlier in the day and saw a bunch of runners doing lap after lap but then I arrived to the park after an easy jog from the hotel, the scene had changed. Now at five thirty the park was filled with people dressed up for the saturday mostly teenagers in large gangs. I could only see three other runners in the park. I had messuered a course zig zaging in the park at and found a lap that was exactly one k. I wanted to run between 4.00 and 4.30 but wasn’t sure that I could do that because I haven’t been able to train as mauch as I wanted due to a lot of work.

Some streets that I had marked at didn’t exist so I had to change the course and the first lap was sub 4 minutes even though i didn’t have a quick pace. It was clearly short of 1 k so for the next lap I chnged the course a little and with only a little quicker pace I was still at the 4 minute mark as I lapped so for the third time i changed the course and ran the third lap at 4.20.

200 m of the lap was in the direct sun and I started to feel the warmth that made the hangover from the day before. The headache made me recall the night before and the very nice dinner I ate on a piazza with a view over Rome that started with the huge plate of antipasti; porchetta, coppa, salami, pecorino and a lovely mozarella. This would have been enough for a whole meal but then in Rome… So after tha antipasti I had a plate of pasta with zucchini, eggplant, sundried tomatoes and for entre I ate trippa romana (tripe in tomato sauce) and for dessert a cake with ricotta cheese and preserved strawberries: But it wasn’t all that I had eaten that made me suffer as I ran. It was all the wine.  Around the dessert a couple on my left said I had to take a glass of their wine because that would be a perfect match with the cake. The wine was a sprakling sweet red wine and they were right. After I finished the cake they offered an other glass and said I had to try it with the local specialty round bisquits called ciambelle that you should dunk in the wine. Of course they were right  it was really good. But on its own the sparkling red wine was actually quite awful. After the couple left I finished the dinner with a glass of grappa because I was so full. Actually it wasn’t finished completly the young couple on my other side offered me a glass of wine so I could cheer with them and we started to talk and drink more wine for half an hour even though they didn’t speak a word english and my italian is not much to write about.

The hangover didn’t do good for my running but catching up other runners did especially as they looked as serious runners in their linnens making the fourth and fith lap go around sub 4.20.  But at the end of the sixth lap I couldn’t keep up the pace anymore so I stopped at 4.30, drank some water from a fountain and sat down for five minutes before I started to jog again. Since the run with ”high speed” didn’t go on for longer than 6 ks I didn’t want to return directly to the hotel so I took off upphills to the backside of the park and ran into the make out place for the cities teenagers. I also took a short tour in the residential parts of Frascati trying to find the Amadeo Amadei arena named after the AS Roma legend that was born in Frascati. I only found the september 8th stadium but that is no big matter. Yesterday I met an other Roma Legend the great (but tiny) Bruno Conti.

I jogged home to the hotel and in total I think I ran around 11-12 ks.