Nice 10 ks in Skaraborg

This weekend I had planned to go to Borensberg to run “Kanalloppet” a race at the bank of Göta Kanal. But at a meeting with a company this friday a job opportunity  appeared that would make it impossible to go to Mölltorp to visit my parents next week. Therefor I decided to skip the race and visist them this weekend instead.

So instead of a race I took a training run around the lake Kyrksjön. Since this is my favourite run I didn’t use my iPod since I wanted to enjoy the nature at the fullest. I couldn’t help thinking about the job opportunity but since nothing is decided and I’m can’t write about it I tried not to think about it anymore.

My stride was light and easy and I had no problem with keeping a good pace without any effort at all. I tried to keep a short stride and thought about something I read the other day. A running coach said in an interview that you should try to have a short stride if you wanna train for long distances. Nothing new but he also said that a thing that a lot of runners do wrong then they try to improve their technique is that they focus on the foremost leg then it’s actually your rearmost leg that you should focus on. I must say that I can’t see how this advice could help anybody; partly because he didn’t say what you should focus to do with the leg and partly because I doesn’t understand how you could focus on one leg for the short time it’s the rearmost and then change and start focus on the other leg.

Thinking about this made me realize that my stride has become very straightforward and that the sideway movement of the body is very little. The effortless running made me enjoy the surroundings even more; the weather – around 13° C and a spring breeze – was perfect for the run, the views around the lake are really beautiful, forest, small red houses, green fields (on one I saw a pair of newly arrived cranes), and other small lakes.

The 10 ks took around 48 minutes and the overall feeling was that I could have kept up for an other lap in the same speed despite just getting 3-4 hours sleep last night.


One response to “Nice 10 ks in Skaraborg

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