Bad week that ends in good speed

This week has been a backlash compared to last week. Only three runs. If I want to find excuses I guess I could put the blame on the pollen fever that has hit me this week or a lot of work or that I had planned to run a 10 k race and wanted to take it easy to get in top shape. But the truth is that I’ve been lazy.

Today, for example I had planned to go for a long run, 20 ks or more. But I waited a little to long before I went out so I had to shorten that to a 12,5 k run. My body felt pretty heavy and it took a couple of ks before I could get up some steam. I thought that I should try to pick up the pace little by little the longer I ran so that after 10 ks I would be running close to my maximum.

After 2-3 ks I started to feel good and the old school hip hop tunes Worthy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club and Hip Hop Be Bop by Man Parrish made me think about if it’s possible to run over benches turn around and start to run backwards without slowing down, without tripping. I’m not talking about making advanced tricks like these guys just to add a little spice to my ordinary run.

After 5 ks then I reached the island Långholmen I started go a little quicker. June the 14th it’s time for the annual Långholmen Race, organized by Janne Kask. We usually are around 10-20 friends who meet to find out who is the quickest to run around the island. The race is a little over 3 ks long  and starts with a couple of steep hills and even contains a couple of stairs. After the hills where I took it pretty easy I felt really light and got an impulse to try to run the rest of the lap really fast and I actually had no problem at all too keep up a really good speed.

I even had the energy to think about proposing to Janne that we could have a dinner after the race at my place for all the contestants (if we won’t be more than 20). I ran the lap sub 15 minutes without problem and I even had energy left so then I approached the second last k I tried to catch up a cyclist that was biking some hundred meters in front of me. I ran that k in 4 minutes and cut the difference to the cyclist by half.

The very last k I tried to take it a little easy but that was hard cause my legs wanted to run faster than my mind.

Soundtrack of the run:

Ladykillers    – Lush

I Can’t Be Satisfied    –   Talulah Gosh

Wordy Rappinghood    – Tom Tom Club
Paper Planes   –    M.I.A.
Bitter Sweet   –    Marc Almond

Hip Hop Be Bop (12″)    –    Man Parrish

All Tomorrow’s Parties    –    Japan

Horoscop    –   Cats On Fire

Älska mig/Skjut mig!   –    Pascal

Letters From a Voyage to Sweden    –   Cats On Fire
Mis nostálgicas manías    –    La Casa Azul

Längtar efter dig    1.58    Pascal    Galgberget    Rock        14    2009-05-03 22.52
Lay Down Your Arms   –   Cats On Fire

La revolución sexual  –  La Casa Azul

Higher grounds    –    Cats On Fire


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