Preparing for my comeback as a comedian with bad intervals

Tuesday was the day for my comeback on the swedish stand up scene. I had a 4 minute spot at this comedy club in Stockholm. In the afternoon I became more and more stressed as I tried to come up with better jokes instead of learning the ones I already got so I decided to let off some steam by a running pass with hard intervals.

I warmed up with 2 ks slow running and stretched a little before I began with my 4 minute intervals with 90 secs jogging in between. Of course I couldn’t let go of the gig so I thought of some new jokes as I was running. I thought about how almost all political parties every summer are trying to embrace the gay community during the Gay Pride Week. And I came up with some jokes about how it would be if even the nationalist party would try to be more open to the gay community. They could introduce their own gay group at the next Pride Week; “Pink Nazis” who greets each other with a Heil Hitler with a soft flappy wrist. And they could have a network for gaynazis called “Herman Gayring”.

But how about the intervals? My legs was still tired from the  20 quick ks on sunday and I didn’t recover between the intervals as I wanted after a couple of reps I took it a little easy. I even started to get a little headache, might have been from the stress I felt about the gig but this also made me take it a little easy because I didn’t want to get migrane attack. And if this wasn’t enough, then I was running up the stairs to Liljeholmsbron I felt a pain in the back of my right thigh so to avoid a muscle rupture the last ks was really slow. So in total a bad day on the track.

(The comedy show was pretty good and I didn’t do the joke about gay nazis.)

Soundtrack of the run:

Sex Dwarf  –  Soft Cell
Emily  –   Adam Green
The Red Door   –    The Aislers Set
Avenue   –  Saint Etienne
Babylon   –    New York Dolls
The ink in the well   –   David Sylvian
Lemon    –    Broder Daniel
Dame Mas   –    Maria Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser
Stoned Love   –    The Supremes
Super Surfer Girl (Surf Nazis Must Die – Christopher Just Remix)   –    Chicks on Speed


One response to “Preparing for my comeback as a comedian with bad intervals

  1. Thats pretty brave and cool to stand up infront of a large audience and tell jokes!
    Here is 51 nerdie jokes in a minute
    by the way Nike are bringing out a new range of shoes for lesbians! the advertisement campaign is ‘ NIKE FOR DYKES’!
    The new shoes feature 50% more tougue and you can get them off with one finger!

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