Running fast and thinking about music

I read an interesting article about how to improve your marathon times, thanks Rick for the link. The article says that training for the marathon by just adding long distance in a moderate pace to your 10 k training isn’t the best way to get good times on the marathon. You need to train the long distance passes at the same pace as you want to keep in the marathon.

This article inspired me and I wanted to go out for a fast long distance run, but the hill and drills on the day before had set their mark in my leg muscles so instead I went for a compromise; a fast 12,5 k run.

My legs wanted to run fast from the first step and I felt how the hill and interval training  are making progress for my running. After around 5 minutes I was really surprised by the song on my iPod “Centerfold” by The J Geils Band. It was beyond my reason how this song has found it’s way into my iPod, since I never liked it at all. But no matter how cheesy I think the song is then choir starts to sing “Na na nanana na na na nanana na” I got an urge to clap my hands over my head in a wind mill fashion.

Thru more or less the whole run my legs were working really good by themself and I let the thoughts wander away to the music. For example the mexican bubblegum electro artist Maria Daniela and the Los Angeles based duo Los Super Elegantes made me think about my sister in LA and whishing I’ll see her soon. The song by The Make Up reminded my about the two times they performed in an old squash hall i Stockholm. The first time there were only a few people at the gig and the majority didn’t care about the band the second time, half a year later there was a great hype so now the place was packed. I remember that a friend of mine who after the second gig couldn’t stop talking about how extremly good the band was without even remembering that he a half year earlier dissed the band.

After the first flat 6-7 ks I wanted to keep the same speed even then I arrived to hilly Långholmen and not even the wooden stairs slowed me down considerbly so I had a really good work out and with only one k left I raced with a bike up a long hill. At the beginning of the long up hill I was passed by a guy on a racing bike and I decided to a last effort and started to sprint after 5 seconds I saw that I even got nearer the bike and put in a little more effort and passed him. The guy was pedaling standing up to get more power as I passed him and we raced to the top of the hill. At this point my lungs was burning and I breathed really heavy, but it was still a nice sensation and felt really good to be able to rush like that after 12 ks of running.

The total time for the 12,46 k was 57,18 min making an avarage pace of 4,36 min/km. Pretty good for a long run with a lot of steep hills.

Soundtrack of the run (iTunes DJ)

Talent as an asset   –   Sparks
Centerfold    –    The J Geils Band
Duri Duri    –    Maria Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser
English Roundabout    –    XTC
No Cow, No Pow   –    Krazy Baldhead
Make Me A Feelin Man   –    MAKE-UP
Melody Day    –    Caribou
No More Heroes    –    Stranglers
Never Stop (Discotheque)    –    Echo & Bunnymen
Snowman      –   XTC
Hey, Culito    –    Los Super Elegantes
I’ll melt with you  –    Modern English
Nathan Jones   –    The Supremes
Me Gustas    –    La Casa Azul
On the Count 2 3   –    Broder Daniel
Cambia tu vida    –    La Casa Azul


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