Hills, bounding and lunges

Time for some strength and technique drills. I began with a warm up run, 2-3 ks, and during this I almost tripped over a little kid who landed just in front of my feet. If he would have been dropped from an aeroplane he wouldn’t have surprised me more than he did. At that section the course goes just besides one meter high rocks and on top of this rocks there is bushes. Suddenly this little kid jumped out from the bushes and landed just in front of me, because of the height difference between the rock and the asphalt track he couldn’t hold his balance so I had to make a quick swerwe combined with a little jump to avoid stepping on this kid.

After this little incident the warm up was pretty smooth and I made 4 reps up my favourite hill. I wanted to make 6 but I was a little concerned about getting home in time to stretch, take a shower and cook before my dinner date arrived. I had no problem at all with keeping a good tempo up the hill and recovered quick between the reps. This day there was a lot of dogs on Långholmen all of them well behaved and none in retractable leashes. I saw three or four of my fav dog since I was a kid, the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

After the hill I did 4 reps of a bounding drill and 4 x 8 reps of lunges. I felt that I without any problem could have doubbled the reps but as I told you before I was thinking about the dinner that was waiting to be cooked so as I jogged home I thought about the salsciccia and maccheroni from Gargano. (Then I looked up the website I became aware this isn’t the pasta town in Campania there the best pasta in the world is supposed to come from – that town is called Gragnano).

One thing that stroke me is how judgemental I am when I spot people in training gear specially if I’m running myself. Worst is it if I meet someone who is walking dressed in perferct runner gear, tights, new shoes, windjacket and waterbottles. That makes me think: “you are out on a walk, there is no need to change clothes to take a walk”. I really hate to be this judgemental. What do i know about the people I meet? They might be out for a 20 k run and warm up with a quick walk before they start to run and even if they just are out for a ten minutes walk why should I care how they dress? There is better things to think about than nonrunners dressing up as a runner.

Soundtrack of my run:

Wild Planet – B 52’s
Vietnamese Baby  –   New York Dolls
Untitled –  Blonde Redhead
Each New Day   –   Rose Melberg
Computer power  (remix)   – Jamie Jupitor
La noche de mi mal  –   Lila Downs
La Juanita –   el Anderiego
Genetic Engineering  –  Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Come Live with Me   –  Heaven 17
Radar rider   –    Mr Flash
Se på mig nu   –    Ratata
Tusen mot en  –   Vapnet
Puss ‘n’ Boots   –    New York Dolls


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  1. Hi, interesting post. I have been thinking about this topic,so thanks for writing. I’ll probably be coming back to your posts. Keep up the good posts

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