A nibbling dog and old people blocking the way

The last days I’ve felt slightly off, due to easter partying, pollen allerghia and soar throat. So I havn’t run in a couple of days. Last run was this friday then I ran in shorts for the first time this year and I wanted to make a couple of quick ks on a 400 m track. But I couldn’t get sub 4 min and after 3 tries I was exhausted.

Yesterday I didn’t feel at all in the mood for running but as soon I hit the street with my Asics a smile apeared on my face. It could have been the joy from the happy-go-lucky tunes from La Casa Azul that made me feel good but I think that running was a bigger factor. I took off in a fairly good speed and as I came to the walk at the shore of Södermalm I ran with a good and powerful stride. And this day I wasn’t at all alone, it seemed that everybody in the neighbourhood had bought new running gear and was out.

As I passed slower runners I got an urge to give them a little slap on their behinds just to see the shocking expression on their face. Of course I could control myself but the thought made me smile a little more.

It’s pretty fun how I react on different artist then I’m running for example everytime I listen to Morrissey my right hand wants to make flamboyant gestures making me look like I’m having some nerv desease.

After half the run I passed a couple with a dog with this retractable leash. They didn’t have the best control of the dog that looked like a young and playful one. As a doglover I saw that the dog only wanted to play and say hello when he aproached me and tried to nibble a little on thigh as I passed them. My first thought was: “what a charming little terrier I whish I could have stayed and played with him” but then I started to feel anger because the owners had so bad control of the dog and I know there is a lot of people around that suffers from dog phobia and if the dog makes this kind of outburst towards somebody who can’t see that the dog just wanna play they could be really scared. And one sad thing is that dog owners who don’t control their animals always have these retractable leashes so that their dogs can play without running away, but it’s useless when they take the dog for a walk among other people.

50 meters after the dog the narrow track was blocked by a large group 15-20 older people who was walking really slow in pairs making it impossible to pass them. And I guess all of them suffered from reduced hearing because for every pair I tried to pass I had to say “excuse me please” without the next pair noticing anything. 25 minutes later then I met them on a broader road they were walking four by four so that they still were blocking the way for anybody who wanted to pass.

The run was pretty mixed with everything from flat ks on asphalt and cobblestone to hilly ks on gravel and even some wooden stairs. But in spite of this I could keep the good pace (4,47 min/km) for the total 12 ks.

Soundtrack of my run (as choosen but iTunes DJ)

Quiero Vivir En La Ciudad   –   La Casa Azul
I’m Not Scared   –    Ladytron
Suedehead    – Morrissey
Torch    –   Marc Almond
En rikedom av sandkorn    –   Bob Hund
Choosey Susie –    The Stranglers
Do It All Night  –   Prince
We Swim   –    Islands
Who Wants the World?  –    Stranglers
Be My Boyfriend  –   Tender Trap
Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken  –    Camera Obscura
Galletas –   La Casa Azul
Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now  –   The Smiths
Tears of a Clown  –    Smokey Robinson & the Miracles
Flugufrelsarinn    –    Sigur Rós


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