Running slow with football legs

Wednsday evening I played an hour of indoor football. That includes a lot of short sprints, stops and turns so the day after I have played football my legs are always a little sore and stiff. It doesn’t matter how well trained I’m at the moment.

But of course I couldn’t let this stop me for going on a run on thursday. I took my usual short course that is almost 9 ks and ran in an even pretty slow pace for the whole round. I want to say that I ran slow on purpose but if I’m really honest I’ve got  to say that it was impossible to get the speed up.

After just some 500 meters I thought: “I quit, this isn’t any fun today, the leg muscles will be stiff and sore for the whole run”. Regarding te feeling in my legs I was right but I didn’t shorten my run at all but I had my doubts, and after 6 ks I said to myself: “Take a short cut, who will ever know?” The answer is “I will”, so I didn’t take the short cut.

For the whole run I was concerned with my running clothes reaking of old sweat that has been accumulated in the clothes so every time I met or passed someone I made I little detour and hoping that not to many people would notice and if I met a couple I ran at the side of the guy thinking that he might not be as sensetive for the bad smell as his girl and maybe he had some strong after shave or body odor by him self that would serve as a buffer for my smells. I know this sounds a little self concious and why would it be worse if a girl discovered that I smelled badly than he boyfriend? I dunno, but that was what I thinkning about on that certain run.  And I could have chosen to wear other clothes than my tights and runners jacket but I want to look like a runner when I’m running.

Every time I hear a song from the Morrissey album Ringleader of the Tormentors I think about Rome and the pizzeria La Montecarlo, there he used to go and eat while recording that album (I’m not sure if he actually ever ate there but he has been posing outside for a photoshoot and his picture is also hanging inside). A couple of years ago I ate an excellent pizza bianca with zucchini flowers at La Montecarlo, not exactly Remo class but good enough to recommend.

The 8.8 ks took around 46 minutes to run or 5,13 min/k, not good but I guess it’s better then sitting in the sofa and thinking about running.

Soundtrack of the run (made by iTunes Genius)

Oh! – Sleater-Kinney

Hard To Explain  –  The Strokes

Busy Doing Nothing- Love Is All

You Have Killed Me -Morrissey

Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Edition)- Death From Above 1979

I Was A Sunny Rainphase  -Stereolab

Natural’s Not In It (Repackaged By the Rakes) – Gang of Four

Viva La Persistence – Kimya Dawson

When the Day is Short – Martha Wainwright

“…Sudden Stars” – Stereolab

On Your Own – The Apples In Stereo

Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole – Martha Wainwright

Shh   –    Frou Frou


One response to “Running slow with football legs

  1. Take it easy with that football its a dangerous game for a runner!

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