The first looong run of the season

Yesterday I went out for my first run over 25 ks for the season. I’ve done a couple o runs around 20 ks already but I think that the difference between running for 50 minutes or 1 and a half hour is’nt that big. It’s when you run for longer than that things starts to happen.

I loaded my iPod with three podcasts and some music. As I have written before I think it’s really relaxing to listen to science shows while running especially when I’m out for a longer run.

The first program I was listening to was about academic work concerning football. Firts they talked about the book “Myths and facts about football” a book in which 30 something scientists around europe has made reseach about a lot of questions concerning football. Such as:  What is the best tactic for a keeper who is facing a penalty? The answer is surprisingly that goalies who stand still in the middle of the goal saves more penalties. An other result of the research is that they have found  that 95 % of what happens in a game is because of random. Since I love the academic view of football I’ve got to buy that book.

The second part of that show was from The National Football Museum and they talked about the medevial origin of football today called mob football. I was a little annoyed by the fact that even a science show is that biased towards brittish football that they didn’t even mention that there has been parallel football cultures through out the world such as the italian calcio storico.

After 9 ks I arrived to Hellasgården there I took two laps in the 5 k track and as soon as I was in the woods I turned off th iPod to enjoy the nature for full. The 5 k is the same as the really tough 10 k track for the first 1,5 k but then it is a little easier and you run on gravel for the whole lap so you can run in a quite steady pace even though there is some steep climbs. I really love to run in the swedish nature at early spring. The air is crispy clean and filled with oxygene and pollen count hasn’t rised to much yet. It was almost as if my nose became extra sensitive by the air cause at the first lap I got a whiff of a smell that made me think of a big wet dog and after the next curve I met a Berner Senner.

I finished the first 5 k lap at 28 minutes, which I thought was OK considering the fact that it’s a hilly track and that I was out for a long run. At the second lap as I was starting to get into the mediative mode then you almost doesn’t think of anything at all. I was just running an taking in the view, the smell and the sounds of the wood without analyzing the information  or getting impulses to other thoughts. The second lap took 27 minutes so I had unconciously increased the speed a little.

At my way home I listened to an show about Matthew Henson, the black polar explorer that is known as the assistant to Peary who supposedly was the first man no the North Pole. The show presented the theory that this might not be true story. There are a lot of cirumstansial evidence that Henson in fact was the factional leader of the expedition and that he might have been 45 minutes ahead of Peary to the north pole. The author of a biography about Henson said that Henson himself has said that on the return from the north pole he told Peary: “Then we will return to the western world, your world, you will be celebrated as the discoverer of the North Pole. But I want you to know that your colored friend beat you.” Very intressting show that also included an interview with the Hensons descendent from Greenland.

It’s apperent that something happens with the legs and the body on longer runs. After 2 hours the legs were aching and I started to think about what to eat after the run. I had brought some energy gel in case I was running out of fuel but since I knew that I had the ingredienses for the perfect Carbonara back home I decided to skip the gel so I instead could eat a little more pasta. The last ks then i had listened to all podcasts, (I haven’t mentioned a show about the swedish language I’ve listened to since it wasn’t that intresting, so I listened to some music instead.

One aspect of really long runs is that I tend to become more emotional after the two hour mark and then the song It’s my life played on the iPod, my eyes became a little wet without any reason at all. To sum up the first really long run for the season I’ve got to say I’m really pleased. I ran the whole course in a steady pace without having to slow down, except for the long climbs and the long stair with two ks left. Of course I felt pain but I didn’t suffer or thought for a single second that I should shorten the run with a couple of ks. On the contrary, with 2 ks left I began to fantasize about running extra 13 ks and that it wouldn’t be that difficult.

Soundtrack of the run

Horoscop  – Cats On Fire
Vetandets värld 2009-04-01  –   Sveriges Radio  Podradio
Språket 2009-03-31   –   Sveriges Radio   Podradio
Vetandets värld 2009-04-06   –  Sveriges Radio   Podradio
I Only Want To Be With You   –   Dusty Springfield

Margerine Melodie    –  Stereolab

It’s My Life (U.S. 12″)    6.09    Talk Talk
Little Bird   –   Rose Melberg
Up the Ladder to the Roof  –  The Supremes


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