It’s more fun to run like an idiot

Monday at around seven thirty in the evening I took a short run, just under 9 ks. It was just supposed to be an easy run before taking a long run on tuesday. But I was longing for running fast so I then I put together the playlist for the run I choose to keep two powerful songs from fridays playlist in the begining of the list.

And this time I let the pumping electro beat decide the pace of the run and in the first 4 ks I was playing with the pace in a homemade version of fartlek. Swithing from quite fast to very fast I raced with some other runners and I got my eyes on. With long sprint I almost cathed up a runner who had a pretty steady pace adn I was only a couple of meters behind him I eased up for a two minutes and then I sprinted to catch up again. I hope he didn’t detect me since I must have made the impression of a complete jerk.

After 20 minutes of running I came to this huge field there I saw a large group of people standing around a bigg campfire but I didn’t think much about this until I returned 13 minutes later on the way home.

The run was pure joy and i had to force myself to take it a little easy so I would have energy left to make a 28 k run on tuesday. But even after that I choose to go a little slower I couldn’t help myself so I ran with a big smile on my face playing bongo drums on my thighs to the music. I wanted to sing along to the France Gall song as I ran at the dock of the Island Reimersholme but since I don’t know any french I was just mumbling along with my own phony french: “Qui au eux a sette illy…” and so on.

When I feel as light as I did during this run I love to change how I run, from powerful steps to short quick steps and try to lift my feet as little as possible. With the result that I get the feeling that I’m flowing without any effort at all the effect is enhenced by running in the dark and with high volume on my iPod. This makes me think that I have a perfect step and then I run pass a restaurant with mosaic mirros on the wall I turn my head to admire how I run. If there was a whole mirror on the wall I would get a much truer view of my running style. And I know that it wouldn’t be flattering.

But running in the dark on my own I don’t care. Instead I stretch out my arms and turn my hands forward so I can feel the wind caress my palms.

Then I passed the field with the campfire I saw that it had split up in several smaller campfires and so hade the crowd and now it was clear why all these people were around. It was the first day of the easter week and the field was full of youngsters who celebrated that the eastern holiday had begun with beer and other intoxicating liquids.

I continued with changing my running style back and forth and started to think about Pheobe in Friends. The last ks I was running at the side of a bicycle track and then I was passed by cyclists I sprinted for 60-80 meters to try to follow in their speed. Just for the fun of it. I guess they must have started to wonder what kind of idiot that was trying to catch up with them like dog chasing cars. But as long as I felt good i didn’t care at all.

I discovered a fun/stupid thing about myself on the run; after that I have started this blog I have begun to think in swenglish then I run.

Soundtrack of the run

Art Rules    Chicks on Speed
Super Surfer Girl (Surf Nazis Must Die – Christopher Just Remix)        Chicks on Speed
Förbi fabriken Pascal
Love Action) (12″ Mix)    Human League
Sacre Charlemagne    France Gall
Mucho más de lo normal    La Casa Azul
Kalla mig        Vapnet
Join Our Club    Saint Etienne
Emily    Adam Green
Lost In the Supermarket    The Clash
Ciao!        Lush


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