10 k in hard terrain

This saturday morning I went to Hellasgården with my friend Staffan for a run on the 10 k track. Staffan said that we should aim for a time sub 50 but I answered that since this would be my third run in three days I wasn’t shure I would manage that on the hilly track.

It was really nice weather and already then we stepped out the car I regreted that I wore tights, this would had been the perfect day for 2009s first run in shorts. The track starts with a long climb that goes on for a couple hundred meters and a couple of times it feels like you’re at the top but it just continues after each turn so you really have got to hold back to save your legs for the whole run. The first 2-3 ks went really smoth and we held a pace that would take us sub 50 minutes without problem.

But after around 3,5 ks we came to a climb that wasn’t only steep it was a slope there the sun hadn’t been able to melt away all the snow and ice. And with my “sunshine shoes” I couldn’t get any grip at all. I tried to take the climb at the side of the track but that was to much vegetation, I tried to zigzag up the hill to find spots with a little grip. But my legs that were a little sore from the training previous days stiffened up and I felt the level of lactic acid rise in my thighs. Since Staffan didn’t experience the same problems he took of and after the climb I tried to find a nice pace to recover a little.

So I decided to enjoy the fabolous surroundings instead. I’ve got to say that this is the nicest run in Stockholm since you are running in real nature there you hear birds and at everybreath your nostrils fills up with the scent of the woods and wet soil that together create a smell that tells you that the spring are finally here. So if you ever come to Stockholm and bring your runner shoes take the bus to Hellasgården and gor for a run at the 10 k track. There is a cabin with dressing room and a sauna.

After a couple of minutes of easy running I felt  that I had recovered pretty well and the 5th and 6th, that are pretty fast slightly downhill, went quite fast. But the main feature of the 7th k is this steep and rocky hill that is almost impossible to run because of the steepness and all the rocks you have to climb. After this uphill I didn’t have any power left in my legs at all so the pace for the last ks was around 6 min/k. And I wasn’t helped by the fact that the tarck was quite wet and muddy and some slopes, both up- and downhill, were icy. I told my self that since I should take ite really easy on the slippery parts to avoid any risks of injuries. But in retrospective I think that my mind just tried to find an excuse to give my legs a little rest. I also began to think that I should take a shortcut because I didn’t want Staffan to wait for me for to long. But I knew that these thoughts were not thoughts of consideration only desperate thoughts to try to find an excuse to quit.

So I could pull myself together and run the full lap, at 55.50 it must have been one of my slowest 10 ks in ages – Staffan had been witing for more than 6 minutes then I arrived, knowing that sunday would be a day of rest.

Soundtrack of the run

Bird song, rippling creeks, a Cessna and my own heavy breathing


2 responses to “10 k in hard terrain

  1. För att göra det ännu värre så kan jag meddela att milspåret bara är 9,6km i Hellas… Men snyggt jobbat i leran…

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