Chicks on Speed, Ze Fashion DJ:s and easy 8,7 ks

After my work out yesterday my legs, espcially the backside of my thighs were quite sore and stiff. But it was a nice kind of soreness i felt. The kind that made me wanna go out on the track today again. I decided to take a easy pretty short run in the sun just to try to run off the stiffness.

Tomorrow the german elctroclash pioneers Chicks on Speed will come to Stockholm and I’m thinking to go to the show and downloaded their two latest songs Art rules and Super Surfer Girls and I also put their album 99 cents on my iPod. The version of Super Surfer Girls were a remix (Surf Nazis Must Die Mix) with an Acid House bass, that song reminded me of two characters that me and my friend Luciano came up with a couple of years ago; “Ze Fashion DJ:s” pronounced with an east european accent. Ze Fashion DJ:s only plays on different fashion shows around the world and talk in a high pitched eastern european accent about all “ze shows” they played on and the more underground the better. Their dialouge goes something like this: “Yezz, I played yezterdayz in ze Bukarest subwayz at a Dirk Birkemberg party. Everybodyz were there, Florian, Karl und zo weiter. The romanian fashion people was really sweating to ze electro beatz that I waz pumping on ze soundsystäm.” And so on. We have never done anything with the characters but once in a while then I meet Luciano in the Stockholm nighlife we start to talk with east european accents.

50% of "Ze Fashion DJs" in action.

50% of "Ze Fashion DJs" in action.

It was quite hard to run in an easy pace when the song We Don’t Play Guitars was playing on my iPod. The punk attitude and the pumping bass makes me wanna run fast with a powerful step. Not we best thing to do with my sore thigh muscles so I had to restrain myself and the instead of picking up the speed I began to nod my head to the disco beat resulting in a bad impression of Paula Radcliffe.

The suroundings reminded me of an portait of a swedish TV-star I read in the paper earlier today. The interview focuses on how much she runs and one of the tracks that she runs on is the same I frequent and she says that she runs here so often that she is now saying hello to the runners she meets. Well I’ve never seen her on the track and then she talks about the really hard 5 k run she sometimes make you start do dibelief that she is a frequent runner at all. In the picture that is accompying the portrait she eve runs in fashionable sneakers instead of proper running shoes. This kind of portrait is so typical for this paper, every friday they run a story about a succesful woman in her mid thirtys whom has got a really intersting hobby. For example last weekend they portraied a stylist/fashion designer who collect arts and bakes cookies several times a week. And at least once a week she makes her famous choclate cake. Yeah right!! I’m not blaming these young working women for trying to come off as more intresting persons than they are but I really hate that kind of journalism there they pick one thing from the person and paint a completly false picture of this person.

Fortunally my pace wasn’t affected by the anger I build up thinking abou this and I could hold an even easy speed the whole round.

Soundtrack of the run:

Chicks On Speed

Art Rules
Super Surfer Girl (Surf Nazis Must Die – Christopher Just Remix)
Shooting From The Hip
We Don’t Play Guitars (Ft Peaches)
Wordy Rappinghood
99 Cents
Culture Vulture
Universal Pussy
Love Life
Shick Sharing (Ft Miss Kitten)


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