Hill, strength and technique training

My thoughts about how to plan this winter training was to focus on distance and wait with the intervals and hill training. At the 10 k race last sunday I could really feel that I didn’t have any strangth in my legs so now it is time to add quality to the quantity training.

So today in really nice weather, the spring has finally arrived to Sweden, I got out with the plan to make a couple of quick 1000 meters on Zinkensdams track&field track or go for some reps in my “favourite” hill.

The music I chose to listen to was Jonathan Richman and The Modern Lovers. Music that I find perfect for this since you can choose to either get a boost from the catchy tunes or just listen to the witty lyrics.

Zinkensdam is around 1 k from my home so I started with a slow warm up jog, but then I arrived the track was still covered with a huge pile of snow. Leftovers from the bandy season.

So I decided to to some hill training instead of the fast kilometers. In total I warmed up for 3 ks and during the warm up I ran thru a marina and the smell of antifauling, varnish and boat polish made it clear that the spring is here. The mixed chemical fragrances made me miss not having a boat.

At the hill I made 8 reps up the really steep slope that is a almost 200 meters long. The slope starts of pretty steep and after 50 meters the track makes a sharp turn and then gets even more steep. Since you don’t see how steep it is after the turn your mind gets tricked to start in pace that is to fast for second part of the hill so you can come up to really high levels of lactid acid. After each rep I jog down the slope to catch my breath again. I could keep a pretty nice pace all the reps with the times; 38 secs, 42, 39, 41, 40, 40, 39, 44.

After the hill training I stayed on the island Långholmen for some technique and strength training but first I stretched for a while. I started with making runs for 60-80 meters with long steps. (If you know what this training routine is called in english please let me know.) I made 4 reps of this and then 2 x 8 reps of borzov steps (please tell me what this is called as well).

The plan was to do 4 sets but after the second my right thigh started to feel like a stiff log that was on the verge of breaking so I stopped after teh second and started to jog home.

One intresting thing then I do quality training is that my mind focuses completly on how I perform but at the jog home I started to think about my upcoming comeback as a stand up comedy. All the new material differs from what I used to do ten years ago. I used to try not to make to much sex jokes but now all jokes are explicit and not political correct at all. One joke is about the gay community and gay rights and I started to worry that I might make the apperance of a bigot. I’m sure that the nice weather helped me think and I came up with an idea about that the most pejudiced people are the ones who open their arguments with: “I don’t have anything against gays BUT…” and so on. I think that idea can help my jokes to come out in a good and fun way.

Soundtrack of the run: Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers

Someone I Care About
I’m Straight
Dignified And Old
Government Centre
Back In The USA
Rockin’ Shopping Center
New England
Lonely Financial Zone
I’m A Little Airplane
Ice Cream Man
Chapel Of Love

(And then the first four songs once again).


3 responses to “Hill, strength and technique training

  1. Johnathan Richman and the modern lovers are a great band, reminds me of happy summers of my youth!
    The English terms for the running drills are;
    the long step = BOUNDING
    and the second drill is LUNGES

  2. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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