Helping a grandpa and writing jokes at 5.07 min/km

Today I went out for a long slow run just to get my legs to work again after the race the day before. I wanted to get some inspiration for writing on the run so I downloaded some comedy podcast to listen to for the first 20 minutes or so. Actually I didn’t find the stuff that funny but it helped me to keep a nice slow pace. After 15 minutes or so an other runner entered the track just in front of me.

Since I love to compete I usually would have tried to pass him but I thought to myslef that I should take it easy today. So when the music came on after the comedy the guy was more than 50 meters ahead. But with mexican music in my ears I must have unconsciusly picked up the speed cause I passed the guy just some minutes later.

After 7 ks was at the lake Trekanten (swedish for Ménage à trois or triangle) and on a bench I saw two men and a women with bags and stuff. I thought how idylic to have the first pic nic of the spring this nice afternoon by that little lake. But as I passed thier bench I saw that they wasn’t pourning each other cups of coffee unless they were rather messing around with syringes. This gave me an idea for a stand up comedy joke about how people throw away clothes or give them to chaity just because they want something new to wear not because the clothes are worn out and this makes it impossible to tell who is a homeless junkie and who is not. BE AWARE that this is not the joke but the set up for it.

After a little mor than half the work out I saw to ladies with a dog who picked up something on the ground, as I passed them I saw it was a pink childrens mitten and that they were somewhat concerned that somebody had lost it. Some 100 meters ahead on the track I saw a man and a stroller and I started to think that maybe it’s their mitten. Then I was around 50 meters I could see that there was something pink in the stroller but at the same time the man started to run with the stroller so it took a little while before I had caught up with them.

Anyway I caught them and stopped the man who I guess was the kids grandpa and told him that I thought they had dropped a mitten some hundred meters before and at the same time I felt like an idiot for not bringing the mitten myself so I ended up apologizing for this.

The rest of the work out I hold a petty even pace and didn’t feel that exhausted until I was around 2 ks from home when  I started to think about food and that is a reliable signal that I start to run out of energy.


Bill Maher

The Onion

La Iguana – Chuchumbé

Just my Imagination – The Temptations

West Side    CocoRosie
Cruel Town  – Broder Daniel
Modestic    –  Heavenly
My Guy – Tracey Ullman
Sex Dwarf  –  Soft Cell
The Youngest Was The Most Loved –  Morrissey
Solar Day  – Los Super Elegantes
Walking On The Dune  –   MAKE-UP
We’re Having A Baby   –    MAKE-UP
Prefiero bailar   –    La Casa Azul
Common People – Pulp
December Slow  –  Aerospace
Tainted Love  – Soft Cell
Crazy In Love –    Eminem
The New Teller  –  Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
Armagedon – Cocorosie
Behind The Bushes – Knife
Sin Canciones  –  La Casa Azul
Misery Is A Butterfly  – Blonde Redhead
Jason And The Argonauts   –    XTC
Rockin’ Rockin’ Leprechauns    –   Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
hey_lover    – The Aislers set
Play At Your Own Risk  – Planet Patrol


2 responses to “Helping a grandpa and writing jokes at 5.07 min/km

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. Running is great for the mind and soul and you describe these felling well in your writing.
    Enjoyed visiting your blog, keep writing, keep running!

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