Friday evening in Stockholm – a slippery run in heavy snow fall.

Last day I picked up my starting bib for sundays race and after that I followed my friend Staffan and his daughter Ester to Runners Store where Staffan bought a pair of light weight shoes. After the visit in the store I was really spiked up to go out for a run. Unfortunaly it took a couple of hours before I was ready to go out on the run. And during that time it had started to snow, really heavy, and the ground was covered with more than 5 cm of new and wet snow.

The run was both heaven and hell. First of all it’s always a special feeling to go out in bad weather the roads and paths are almost empty. And that lonliness that I felt was boosted by the fact that it was friday evening and the few people I met was dressed up to have nice meals and drinks in warm and cosy restaurants. But it’s  a good solitude that was even more enhanced because of the dark streets and that my glasses was covered with snow.

A nice aspect of running in this weather is that you are able to sing along to the “aaauuu aaa aaauuu aaa”-intro of Canonball by The Breeders. Other singalong lines of the run were “Don’t marry her, fuck me” and “You gotta set em up, oh oh yeah you gotta set em up, oh oh yeah, you gotta set em up, set em up”.  I even played a little air drums to the intro of the Beautiful South song.

After a couple of k’s in the snow i started to clense my mind and was listning to the music more focused and I started to think about how underrated Prince Pre-Dirty Mind is. The way that he has arranged the song I Feel for You is exquisite. I have never before discovered that he is singing on two tracks for the whole song.

I’ve also got to recommend Black Devil Disco Club; the groovy mid seventies electro beats torfor running will get you in a nice powerful pace. Whereas Clash City Rockers and Career Oppurtunities might be better for interval training than for a slow run.

Soundtrack of the run

Legal Tender    – The B52’s
Don’t Marry Her   –  The Beautiful South
We Never Fly Away Again   – Black Devil    Disco Club
Canonball  –  The Breeders
Career Opportunities   –   The Clash
Clash City Rockers   –    The Clash
Neat Neat Neat   –    Damned
It Ain’t What You Do It’s the Way that You Do It    –    Fun Boy Three & Bananarama
Daft Punk is Playing at My House    –    LCD Soundsystem
Dress You Up In My love    –  Madonna
I Feel for you   –  Prince
Wood Beez –  Scritti Politti


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