Welcome to The Mind of a Long Distance Runner

This is a blog there you will be able to follow my training in all aspects: the results, what music I’m listening to during the runs and all the strange thoughts that pops up at the long hours on the road.

The idea came to me yesterday  during a run, what else? 10 k plus 2 k warm up and down run. I started the run with listening to some podradio and learned that  Darwin ate his greens and read the bible at his time in Cambridge. He actually had to pay extra for the greens, Beer and meat was included in the fee he payed to the landlord.

I also listened to some old ladys from the village Gammalsvenskby in Ukraine. They  still speak an old type of swedish and talked about the difficulties they (as an unwanted group) faced during the Stalin era. A lot of their relatives died in the prison camps, and after they were released a lot of them still died from starvation. For a long period of years they had to eat the grass just to fill up thier stomaches with some substance.

To hear about their hard times actually made it a little easier to push myself. It’s hard to complain about the cold and acheing legs then you listen to tesimonials from the victims of Stalin.

The last k I stepped up the pace and run on 4.10. The soundtrack to that run was an uptempo song by the spanish band Casa Azul.


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